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6th Pacific Rim Conference (INS/ASSBI/CCN)

This conference is closed

16th NR-SIG-WFNR Conference

Download the Conference Programme complete with all Abstracts - will NOT be available at the conference

Download the Conference APP from the email sent to you.

I hope you enjoyed the conference - if you attended the dinner please have a look at the attached


27-28 June 2019


From 8:30 AM


Palacio de Congresos


16th NR-SIG-WFNR Conference incorporating the Andalusian Society of Neuropsychology's 15th SANP Congress

Barbara and Alfonso INVITE you to attend this multidisciplinary conference incorporating all rehabilitation disciplines including but not restricted to Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Medicine and Nursing. The primary focus of the conference is rehabilitation of neuropsychological consequences of acquired brain impairment. NR-SIG-WFNR & SANP members get discounted registration so join up now! Click here to see how to join both NR-SIG-WFNR and SANP

The welcome reception is on Thursday night and the conference dinner on Friday night at the conclusion of the conference.

We will be preceding INS in 2019 who are conferencing in Brazil in July.

To become a conference sponsor please download information and an application form, please complete and email to Margaret.


Early bird registration closed on 21st May 2019

Conference registration closed on 21st June 2019


Prizes will be awarded for DataBlitz and poster presentations.

DataBlitzs will be adjudicated 5 minute presentation only according to the following criteria: (i) Clarity of the research question / theory / service description /clinical formulation;

(ii) Appropriateness of methodology in relation to the aims; and

(iii) how well the quality/content of the presentation encourages listeners to go and view the poster.

Posters will be adjudicated according to the following criteria:

i) Quality & clarity of theoretical framework/model (Quality and clarity of methods and analysis if it is an empirical study);

(ii) Quality of visual presentation; and

(iii) Clarity of key messages


Sponsors for the NR-SIG-WFNR Conference

Local Committee: A/Prof Alfonso Caracuel (ES, Chair), Dr Juan Carlos Arango (ES), Dr Gustavo Cubers (ES) and Applied Neuropsychology Research Group - CTS581

Scientific Committee comprises the SIG Executive Committee, Dr Anna Adlam, Dr Satu Baylan, Prof Jon Evans, Prof Tamara Ownsworth, Dr Michael Perdices, Prof Jennie Ponsford, Prof Caroline van Heugten,

the SANP Executive Committee A/Prof Alejandro Galvao, A/Prof Alejandro Gonzalez, Eva Guerrero, Belen Laureano, Dr Myrtha O'Valle, Barbara Postigo, Olga Prian and Ciara Rueda

as well as Dr Andrew Bateman, Dr Mathilde Chevignard, Dr Fergus Gracey, Prof Miguel Perez-Garcia and A/Prof Huw Williams